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Best of the Best Resources for Teaching and Learning

  • Strategies you can incorporate into any course to improve student metacognition, study skills and motivation with practical and powerful techniques that can be easily incorporated into our courses and will improve student learning. Teach Students How to Learn, 1st Ed 2015, Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire, Routledge Publisher
  • Single best resource for College professors- It is a simple to use how-to manual for teaching college level classes.  Packed with information in an easy to use format.
    Tools for Teaching, 2nd  ed. 2000, Barbara Gross Davis, Jossey-Bass Publisher
  • Chocked full of easy to use rubrics and ideas on peer review: Peer Review of Teaching: A Source book 2nd   Ed. 2007, Nancy Van Note Chism, Anker Publishing Company, Inc.
  • The one stop journal for busy faculty members- a quick concise overview of interesting practical teaching related articles- the one must monthly read. Teaching Professor   Magna Press 

Bibliography of Teaching and Learning Literature

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