Peer Observation Pool Peer Observation Pool

What is the Peer Observation Pool (POP)?

The Peer Observation Pool (POP) is an informal structure for faculty to learn from each other by spending time in colleagues’ classrooms. It is not related in any way to faculty evaluation! As a POP member you are the observer and can observe faculty members of your choice with their approval. They do not have to be current POP participants. The POP cohort will consist of up to 6 faculty.

What are the required activities for POP members?

  • Participate in a POP kick-off session. Review purpose of POP and create expectations and resources for the observation process. Share your goals for participation in the POP and their relationship to SLOs and SLO assessments.
  • Observe three faculty for at least an hour each, at least one outside of your discipline.
  • Welcome other POP members into your classroom.
  • Reflect on and write up your experience as a group during a POP Closing activity in April or May 2018.
  • Complete an evaluation of the experience documenting what you learned and have applied/will apply. You will be asked to specifically identify how you have improved your SLOs or SLO Assessments because of your POP participation.

How much time will the POP take all together?

At least 2 meetings + 3 or more observations + any amount of reflection/communication

Is this a paid activity?

There are stipends of $500 available, paid in May or June upon completion of all POP activities. POP cohorts will be asked to present their work to the campus at fall in-service after receiving their stipends.

All faculty full time and part time/adjunct are welcome and encouraged to participate.

What are the goals of the POP?

  • Develop a culture of sustained improvement of SLOs and SLO Assessments
  • Share effective teaching practices with POP cohort and the college as a whole
  • Develop reflective skills as a cornerstone of teaching
  • Spark future inquiry and implementation within and across disciplines
  • Increase culture of collaboration within and across disciplines
  • Increase understanding of student and teacher experiences beyond our own courses


I teach a class in the evening, a lab, hybrid, or online course. Can I still do it?


I don’t have time to pop in this semester. Can I open my door to POP members anyway?


If I’m an adjunct can I participate?


Questions or Concerns? Contact Lindsay Laney or Adrienne Seegers

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