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Health Journeys: Guided Meditations (for purchase downloads)

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What’s Guided Imagery?
It’s the easiest, most user-friendly form of meditation you can find. It’s simply listening to words and music that guide you on a positive journey, where you imagine yourself relaxing and doing well, with all your senses. Even half-listening works.
Ten minutes of listening to guided imagery can save you from hours of distracted, unproductive worry. And if you only have 5 minutes, that’s okay too. Take the five.

 A Little Course on Meditation Canvas program   

Lots of information and videos that guide you through different meditation processes. 

Bilateral music is music with a beat that pans between the left and right ears. It has successfully been used to relieve those suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD, stroke damage, and insomnia. Can be used for sleep-aid, relaxation, meditation, studying, etc.

Did you know...

Gratitude and Mindfulness are "practices" you can "learn" that will help you manage anxiety.

A Great Resource we have here at the campus library:  The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook.

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