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Instructional Continuity:

Instructional Support Resources for Faculty

Types of Distance Learning:

Online Classes

Columbia College offers a suite of classes fully online using Canvas, a course management system, allowing students in far-reaching areas or with transportation difficulties to still attain their academic goals.

Hybrid Classes

A hybrid class includes both online and face-to-face components.  They range from a mostly face-to-face course with a few online components to an almost-entirely online course with just one or two face-to-face meetings, such as an orientation and proctored exam.

Video Broadcast Classes

A video broadcast class is actually two classes linked together.  One class meets on campus and the other meets in the city of Sutter Creek at the Amador Economic Prosperity Center.  The on-campus class is broadcast to Amador County using videoconference technology, providing for an excellent and interactive learning environment with live instruction and peer-to-peer contact in both locations.

Correspondence Classes

A correspondence class is a form of guided study in which an instructor provides the student with learning materials and assignments which the student completes and sends back to the instructor. Instructor-student contact is maintained through inquiry forms from the student to the instructor, responses sent back to the student, and detailed feedback on students’ work to help guide their learning.

Web-Enhanced Classes

All classes at Columbia College are automatically assigned a “Canvas shell.”  Many instructors choose to enhance their courses by posting course materials and other resources, such as student grades, into Canvas.  Students are expected to access Canvas for course materials when required by their instructors, even if the class was not publicized as “online.”

Online Course Exchange

Columbia College’s online courses are listed alongside those of many other community colleges on the California Virtual Campus webpage.  Using the CVC, students from other colleges can find and enroll in Columbia College online courses.  Likewise, students from Columbia College can find and enroll in general education courses at other colleges and use those to fulfill their graduation and transfer requirements here.

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Student Resources

There are many tools and resources offered for your online learning experience, both instructional and student services. 
Click here for a full list of student resources for Canvas.

Faculty Resources

If you are interested in training or joining an online development cohort to learn how to use Canvas course management systems, please contact the Distance Education Coordinator, Kathy Schultz. 
Click here for a full list of faculty resources

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