Institutional Outcomes and Student Achievement

Columbia College provides reports about its instructional outcomes and student achievement to inform public understanding. Please click on any link below to access or download a report. Please contact the College Research and Planning office directly if you are having trouble with report accessibility or are not finding what you're looking for.

Yosemite Community College District Student Enrollment Summary by Term

A dashboard which examines enrollment by headcount and FTES by term, enrollment status (e.g., part time, full time), and student type (e.g., first year student, returning for credit, dual enrolled high school student, etc.) districtwide and for each college.

Yosemite Community College District Academic Programs Summary

A dashboard tool to examine enrollment and completion outcomes by award program/pathway and by student service cohort for Yosemite Community College District (YCCD), Columbia College (CC) and Modesto Junior College (MJC).

Yosemite Community College District Course Outcomes Summary

A dashboard that explores course enrollment and success outcomes by student group, section capacity, FTES, and FTEF districtwide and for each college.

Yosemite Community College District Accumulation of FTES by Week and Year

This dashboard tracks weekly accumulation of FTES for both the standard fiscal year (July 1 to June 30 each year) and the local academic year. Also compares FTES accumulation by instructional modality and funding accounting method (FAM). Outcomes are reported districtwide and for each college.

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