Office of Institutional Research Office of Institutional Research

2018 Projects

  • Upcoming Surveys
    • Employer Skills Survey
    • Student Retention Survey
    • CTE Outcomes Survey
    • Photovoice Pilot Project
    • Student Reasons for Withdrawing
    • Graduating Student Reflections
    • Through the Gate Survey Participation (RP Group)
    • Comprehensive Student Learning Outcomes Reports
    • Survey Summary & Results
  • Ongoing Projects:
    • SharePoint 365 Data Portal (9 Dashboards - more being added in 18-19)
    • New Blackboard Connect texting service (students and staff)
    • New EDS Enterprise Data System
    • Institutional Effectiveness Support and Reporting
    • SLO Assessment backup and support
    • Title III Cooperative Grant Columbia and Lake Tahoe CC,
      Project Coordination
    • Federal and State reporting

Columbia College participates in the Tufts University National Study of student voting and registration rates during elections.  The Columbia College summary reports for student voting patterns:

2010 Data Portal Site (now only used for Program Review forms)

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