IMC Duplicating Services IMC Duplicating Services

The IMC offers counter service for black-and-white as well as color copies. There is also a self-serve copier available in the mailroom area for college use. Ask for details at the IMC Department on obtaining a user copier code. Each code allows 1,500 free copies per month; departments will be charged for copies in excess of that amount.

Counter Service – Counter service is available during college work hours for fast black-and-white copies with camera-ready originals/masters -- and no design or layout required. Turn-around is immediate for simple copy jobs. However, more complex projects (large multiple page booklets, special binding, laminating, etc.) require more time. Be sure to complete and submit a yellow IMC Duplicating Services Work Order form.

During after-hours, place your originals/masters and a completed yellow IMC Duplicating Services Work Order form on the work table, located to the right inside the mailroom door. Your copies will be placed in your campus mailbox by your designated deadline date. You will be notified regarding pickup if the item is too large to fit in your mailbox.

Electronic Work Submission – Check with the IMC on methods of submitting your work electronically for duplicating. You will be supplied with a link to an interactive IMC Work Order form with instructions on attaching your originals/masters. If your home computer cannot adapt to the IMC link system, you can also submit your work by email to the IMC mailbox at ccimc.

Instructor Exams – For examinations, use the pink IMC Duplicating Services Work Order form and submit to the counter service staff. If the IMC is closed, place your work and completed pink form in the locked Instructor Exam Drop-off Box, located under the paper cutter table in the left side of the mailroom. Your exam copies will be placed in the top drawer of the locked black file on the following morning. Ask for the key from the IMC staff when picking up your exams.

Color Copies – IMC staff will assist you when color copies are required.

Self-Serve BW Copier – Instructions are posted on the machine for making up to 50 self-serve black-and-white copies. The IMC counter service is also on-hand to assist in making any copies for you. The self-serve copier is coded and cannot be used unless you enter an assigned user code. Each code is limited to 1,500 copies per month.

Creative & Printing Services – Includes complete design, layout and duplicating. Plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the IMC to develop your materials. Fill out the white Creative & Printing Services Work Order, noting any available materials for IMC use (logos, photos, text, illustrations, etc.). Creative & Printing Services projects require consultation with the IMC graphic arts specialist, so make arrangements by emailing for a meeting. Bring the completed form and all materials to the meeting. Your finished project will be placed in your campus mailbox, or you will be notified regarding pickup if the item is too large to fit in your box.

Copyright Authorization – If material for duplication is copyrighted, it is the responsibility of the originator to obtain the appropriate authorization and permission for reproduction by the IMC.

IMC Charges – All IMC Work Orders are logged into a database and records are kept to account for materials for each instructor and each administrative support area. Normally, there is no charge for college design or duplicating services. However, special order paper stock, envelopes, spiral binding, laminating, outsourced printing, etc. will be charged back to departments. These charges will be discussed in advance with you when initiating projects.

Personal Copies – Personal work may be copied on college copiers at a cost of 5 cents per copy. See the IMC for details.

Campus Copier Maintenance and Servicing – Contact Cathy Brown at ext. 5309 for copier maintenance and servicing.

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