IMC Work Order Directions IMC Work Order Directions

Send your work orders by email to the IMC!

You can submit your work to the IMC for duplicating in two ways:
1. You can access an interactive IMC work order form and submit the form, along with
your originals/masters electronically by email. Or:

2. As in the past, you can submit your work order forms and originals/masters as hard copies on a walk-in basis. Work order forms are located in the IMC for your use.

Electronic Submission Steps

1. Work Order Form - Right click on the attached icon and Save As to your desktop. In that way, you can quickly and easily access the form any time that you need it.

2. Using the Form - Once the icon is on your desktop, simply click on it to open. Using your keyboard, fill in all the requested information.

► Don't forget to include your USER COPIER CODE #.
► The "hand" needs to be centered on each box in order for the "index finger" to
point -- then click to select and a check mark will appear.
► Certain boxes have hidden drop-down menus, so click on the down arrow and
then make your selection by highlighting.
► When complete, click on the Submit button at the bottom.
► If you change your mind and would like to start again, simply click on Reset and
fill in the new info.

3. Email Page - After you click the Submit button, pause a minute and an email page will automatically appear on your monitor with your completed work order form already attached.

4. Originals/Masters - Now that you've told the IMC what you want through your work order form, you still need to send your originals, or masters for duplicating. Attach your document originals/masters. Different servers have different ways to view and attach documents, so use the one that is most familiar to you. If you need help making an attachment, contact the IMC.

5. Send to IMC - Be sure to include any special instructions or details in your email message. Click Send button and it will automatically be emailed to the IMC duplicating operator for handling.

6. Finished Work - When finished, your work will be placed in your campus mailbox. If it is too large, Cari Craven can tell you where it is located. As in the past, exams will be placed in a locked drawer for confidentiality and the key is available upon request in the mailroom. If you are unable to pick up your exam materials during the IMC work hours, please call 588-5101 to make special arrangements.

Electronic Submission Specifications

► Original masters of document for copying must be 50 pages or less in length
► Text only - No photos or graphics unless they are sent as PDF files.
► MS Office Suite Software Only - WORD or Excel only
If your documents do not meet the above specifications, please submit your work as hard copy to the IMC for duplicating.

Electronic Submissions from Your Home

► Your home computer operating system or Adobe Acrobat version may not be
compatible with the IMC electronic submission procedure. In that case,
especially for many adjunct instructors, it may be easier to submit work by email to Attach your originals/masters for duplicating.

However, be sure to get a copy of our work order form from the IMC so that you can include all the necessary information in the body of your email for the operator, like your user copier code, number of pages, number of copies per page, exam or not, paper selection, date needed, etc. Try to provide as much information as possible because any missing details will delay your job while the operator attempts to reach you.


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