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Columbia College Health Services does not endorse any of the information that is presented on the websites listed below. They are available solely for educational enrichment.

General Health Resource Sites

Columbia University's Health Q&A Services

Center for Disease Control

American College Health Association

American Dental Association

American Diabetes Association

American Cancer Institute

Campus Health and Safety

US Department of Health and Human Services

Health Information

Medical Education and Research

Health and Medical Information from Harvard University

Link to Virtual Pamphlets (wide variety of topics, easy to navigate)

Student Counseling Pamphlet Virtual

Mental Health

Suicide Prevention

California Department of Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Wellness

Women's Health

National Women's Health Resource Center

Health and Wellness on WebMD

Global Awareness

People and Ideas That Are Changing Our World

Learn Vocabulary Words and Help End World Hunger Simultaneously

Columbia College Libraryist of Health Resources Sites

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