High School Student Application Steps High School Student Application Steps

NOTICE: Dual Enrollment paperwork must be approved by a high school administrator. 

Please follow these steps if you are a high school student who wants to attend Columbia College:

Step 1 - Apply to the College

How to apply video

Tips: Click the icon above to watch an instructional video about how to apply to Columbia College. The application is a two-step process. First, you will create an account through OpenCCC. You will need to provide your social security number to complete this part of the process. It is also best to use your personal email rather than a high school email account. Please make note of your user name, password, and security questions for future reference. Next, you will go back to the Columbia College website, click “apply now” and then “sign in” using the user name and password you just created. All high school students should select “CC 9th-12th Grade Concurrent Enrollment” from the drop down and ensure the semester matches the semester you intend to enroll.

Step 2 – Look for your student ID number (also called a W number)

The college will send you a Welcome Email with your W#. This email will come from ccadmissions@yosemite.edu. Make sure you write that down as you will need it to identify yourself when you make an appointment or conduct any other business on campus. That email should be generated within 1-2 business days of your application submission.

Tips: If you have not received an email from Admissions and Records with your W# within 1-2 business days, you can call them at 588-5231 to inquire.

Step 3 – Complete and submit the required form

Submit your Dual Enrollment Registration Form once per academic year. Our academic year runs summer through spring.

Tips: All high school students must complete the registration form to be admitted into Columbia College. Please fill out every line and be sure the student and the parent both sign. The registration form must be approved by your high school administrator. Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, we will allow your high school administrator to email their approval to CCdualenrollment@yosemite.edu. When required, all financial information must be included on the CCPG. Once forms are completed, email them to CCdualenrollment@yosemite.edu

Step 4 – Complete Orientation and make an appointment with a counselor

Orientation can be completed in three ways. Choose which orientation option fits your needs best by visiting the college orientation webpage. Call the counseling desk at 588-5109 to secure your education plan appointment as soon as possible as appointment days/times are limited, especially during the summer months of June - August. The designated counselor for high school students is Kirsten Miller. You can contact her directly at 209-588-2155 or millerk@yosemite.edu , if needed.

Tips: You will be asked to provide your W# to make this appointment. Make sure to identify yourself as a high school student. A counselor helps you create an educational plan to determine which class(es) to take; if taking college math or English courses are part of your plan, a Counseling appointment is only REQUIRED if you have not completed 11th grade math and English. Those who are unable to travel to campus can arrange for a phone appointment or a virtual meeting (using Zoom). Contact the counseling desk to get more information about these options.

Step 5 – Activate your Student Email Account/ Log in to ConnectColumbia

Students will need to get used to checking their Columbia College email as most communication that comes from the college will go to that address. Our school district uses a single sign-on, which means your student email and password will be used to log into ConnectColumbia and Canvas. See instructions on the single sign-on process.

ConnectColumbia is the portal that enables you to access your college records, register for classes, update your contact information, look at your schedule, view your unofficial transcript, and a whole lot more.

Tips: You should have received an email from the college letting you know what your student ID number is (also called a W number), which is part of your email address. This email will come ccadmissions@yosemite.edu. The format for your student email is: first name, W# without the W or leading zero, then “@my.yosemite.edu.”

Example: First name John & W# 0987654 = john987654@my.yosemite.edu

Step 6 – Log into Canvas

 Canvas is the learning management system that is used by the college. All online and hybrid courses will be housed in Canvas. 

Tips: The first time you log in, you will be prompted to enter your student email address and password associated with that account. Refer to step #5 for student email activation. 

Step 7 – Register for your class(es)

Using your ConnectColumbia portal, you will register for the class(es) you decided upon with your counselor. We have a video available with more in-depth instructions.

College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) students who wish to take select college classes available on their high school campus should ask about signing up through their high school administrator. CCAP courses are the only classes that are hand-enrolled by college staff because those classes are closed to enrollment to a particular high school. Students will be required to self-enroll in all other courses.

Tips: Every student gets a registration appointment date and time to register for classes. These registration appointments are emailed to your student account each semester. That does not mean that you can only register at that date and time. It simply means that you have to wait until that date/time or later to register for your class(es) that semester. Once you register for your class(es), you should notify your high school what you are registered for that semester.

Step 8 – Pay your fees

The system will prompt you to pay your fees as soon as you finish registering for your class(es). You can just close out that page if you cannot complete that step at that time. To pay at a later date, you can log back into ConnectColumbia and click on “Pay on My Account” under the Financial Information heading. Students in CCAP classes only will not be required to pay any fees associated with those classes unless they take over 15 units for that term. It is important to note that any high school student who enrolls in over 11 units (or 15 units for CCAP students) in a term will be assessed fees for ALL courses taken (with the exception of tuition for CCAP courses). Students with outstanding fees on their account may be blocked from registering for future semesters. 

Tips: All high school students can attend Columbia College tuition free (enrolled in 11 units or less). However, there is a small per-term fee (usually under $40) that must be paid. Books and supplies for each class are also the responsibility of the student (excluding CCAP).

Step 9 – Print or download your schedule

Log into ConnectColumbia and under the Registration menu, click “My Class Schedule.” Put in your User ID and Password. Click on Columbia College and choose the semester. Then, click “Retrieve Schedule.”

Tips: You will use the section numbers (which are in parentheses) from your schedule to find your textbooks. Your schedule will also show if you still have fees that are due.

Step 10 – Look for and purchase the required textbooks for your class(es)

Students will need to purchase the required textbook(s) for their class(es) prior to the start of the semester. You can find the required textbooks by looking in the class search and clicking on the books link to the far right of the class section or by going to the Bookstore website and search for your required textbooks. Students in CCAP classes will have those books provided for them by their high school.

Tips: The Manzanita Bookstore provides some price comparisons for other websites. The required textbook lists are not usually available until a few weeks before the semester starts.

Step 11—Buy parking pass if attending an on campus class

Parking permits are purchased online. Use your student email address to register your account. Parking fees may be waived during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check the website for the most up-to-date information.

Tips: Once you complete your purchase you can print a temporary pass to keep on your dash until your parking permit comes in the mail. You have the option to buy a hanger, which is helpful for those who switch cars frequently.

Step 12 – Attend class

Students with Disabilities

Students with verified disabilities should complete the DSPS application for high school students to ensure that appropriate accommodations are made for their college coursework. If you have questions about the application or any of the available services, please call Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 209-588-5130.

Still have questions?

Contact the Dual Enrollment office at CCdualenrollment@yosemite.edu.

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