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Columbia College Business Services offers a comprehensive set of financial services to the college community. Business Services staff provide accounting services for all college funds, student fee collection and oversight, disbursement of financial aid awards, and leadership in controls.

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Current Fee, Payment Information and Fee Descriptions 
(Page 47-48 under general information in the printed 2019-20 catalog)

Payment Information

  • All fees should be paid within 10 days including the date of registration.
  • If fees are not paid within 10 days, your account will be restricted. This means that you will not be able to access your transcripts until the fees are paid. 
  • You are responsible for payment of all fees associated with enrollment and registration in courses.
  • If you do not officially drop classes prior to the drop date, you will still be obligated to pay fees.
  • If you never attend a class but do not officially drop, you are still required to pay the fees.
  • If the college cancels classes in which the student is enrolled, students are  not responsible for dropping courses or requesting refunds.  Fees will be automatically refunded.

Parking permit
A parking permit is required by anyone parking on campus.  The student parking permit is a $30 fee each fall and spring semester.  The summer semester parking permit fee is $15.  Semester permits are purchased online through and mailed to the student's address.  Daily permits may be purchased for $2 at permit dispensers at parking locations on campus. 

Request for Refund Form 
Complete to request a refund of paid fees online through your ConnectColumbia page under Financial information.  Fees refunded to an account may be the result of a dropped class or receipt of a financial aid fee waiver.  This online form cannot be submitted if there is no credit on the student account.  Credit balances are automatically applied to any new fees.

Student Activity Fee Refund Form  
The Student Activity fee is used to support student events and activities on campus, such as Cram Night, free student BBQ's, movie nights and other free activities throughout the academic year. It also pays for scholarships, clubs and sponsorships. If you do not plan to participate in campus events, you may request a fee refund in the form of an account credit. 

Student Representation Fee Refusal Form
You may submit a refusal form if you cannot pay the Student Representation fee or object for religious, political or moral reasons. 

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