ESL Support Services


Columbia College personnel are available to advise you on topics including financial aid and course advising.


For students taking ESL classes in Tuolumne County, childcare is often provided at the ATCAA Bluebell site and ATCAA Jamestown site.  Transportation may also be available through ATCAA.

Additional courses: 

ESL students may be interested in other adult education courses including Personal Finance, Life Strategies for Success, Applied Skills and Citizenship. More information will be provided during the ESL courses. 

Embedded tutors: 

In addition to the instructor, most ESL courses also feature an embedded tutor.  The embedded tutor - who is a current Columbia College student – will provide individual and small group assistance as needed. 

Field trip to the college:

To aid in your future transition to the college, a field trip is often organized.  The campus tour will help you become familiar with student support services including counseling and financial aid.  Additionally, students can obtain a college ID card during this field trip or during any visit to the campus. 


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