Welcome ESL Students!


If you are an English language learner, who is interested in improving your skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English, our non-credit ESL courses are a great option for you.  

It is easy to get started as our program provides:

  • Open enrollment  -You can start anytime .

  • Help with registration  If you haven’t enrolled at the college or registered for a class yet, your instructor can enroll and/or register you – email “I want to register” to

  • A welcoming environment for non-residents- Legal residency is not a requirement to take ESL non-credit courses.

  • Affordable courses- There is no tuition cost for non-credit courses.  You will pay only $32.00 in college fees (some of which can be waived). The fees can be collected by your instructor and in some cases, the fees may even be covered by a 3 rd  party such as ATCAA.
  • Helpful Instructors- The ESL classes here at Columbia are multi-level and multi-skills – all levels (A, B, C, D, E) - and cover all language skills:  Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.  Your instructor will help determine which ESL section you should enroll in (see descriptions below).


How to find available courses

You can find a current schedule of ESL classes here.

To find an ESL course use the College’s class search tool:

Select “ENGL: CC English” and then click the submit button

The class search results will provide a list of all English courses available at Columbia College. 

Scroll to end of this list to view the available ESL courses (listed as CENGL-705, A-E).


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