GED® High School Equivalency Certificate

The GED® test is a national test that may be taken in California by persons who are eighteen years of age or older, or who meet specific criteria for testing at age seventeen. The GED® test is administered statewide throughout the year at approximately 190 testing centers. Topics tested on the GED® include language arts/reading/writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. The GED® test is for adults who do not have a high school diploma. Those who pass the test receive a High School Equivalency Certificate.

Those who pass the test receive a GED® certificate and an official report of test results from the State of California. Additional information is available on the California Department of Education (GED)® web site.


GED testing on campus has been put on hold for the fall semester and continuation of viability of testing is being evaluated.  At this time there are two options:

  • Students enrolled in the GED Prep course (SKLDV 700) through Columbia College will continue to be supported with GED Ready and GED Official test vouchers.
  • GED staff is looking into resources for individuals who do not have appropriate computer/equipment/internet.
  • Tuolumne County Office of Education offers testing on an appointment only basis; one tester at a time.
  • Pearson Vue offers an Online Proctored GED Test must fulfill the below requirements:
    • Must score “green” (likely to pass) on a GED Ready exam within 60 days
    • Need a computer, webcam and reliable internet — no tablets or phones.Need to take your test in a private room with a closed door.
    • Before scheduling and paying for the test, it's important to run a system check and to be sure that your computer meets the requirements.
    • Must meet all GED testing requirements, as always (ex: 18 years of age, etc.)

Non-COVID operations are below---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Test Registration / Scheduling:

  • All GED tests are now scheduled through MyGED
  • You will be required to create a personal account, through MyGED.
  • Once you have created your account, you will have two options for scheduling your exam, through MyGED:

           1. In-Person Proctored 

Through the website, you will be able to see all test centers in the state and scheduling options for an in-person test. For testing locally, you should contact:

Tuolumne County Superintendent Office

(209) 536-2075

       Amador Adult Education

(209) 257-5100  

          2. Online Proctored:

Take your GED test from the comfort of your home, while securely monitored by an online proctor.

  • Online testing is available in both English and Spanish.
  • You will be required to take the GED Ready Exam and score in the “green (likely to pass) for each subject before taking the official exam.
  • There are computer and room requirements, for this format.
  • For up to date and complete information concerning online testing please visit
  • You are given the ability to register to take each test individually; you are no longer required to take the complete test, all four subjects, at one time.
  • Cost for each of the four subject tests will be $35.00
  • Scores for each test will be available within 30 minutes of completion of test, through your account at MyGED


  • You will be able to schedule retakes through your MyGED account for both face to face and online proctored testing.
  • Online Retakes
    • Students can now schedule to retake GED test subjects through MyGED after a failed attempt.
      • After their second failed test attempt, they’ll be required to wait 60 days before scheduling another online proctored retake. A 60-day wait will be required between each subsequent online proctored retake.
      • A GED Ready “Green” score is only required within 60 days of scheduling their first test in that subject. It is not required for a retake on that subject.
  • Cost will be at the reduced cost of $15.00 per test. 

GED Preparation Class: No Classes will be offered Spring 2021, due to COVID

  • To enroll in class:
    • Apply to the college (Admissions tab: "Apply Now")
    • Set up an account, using your student ID number, in ConnectColumbia.("My Columbia link)
    • GED Prep class is "SKLDV 700"
      • This course is an open entry/open exit course, so you can enroll at anytime.
    • Please contact the Columbia College Admissions and Records office (209.588.5231) if you have problems registering for this class.
    • This is a non-credit course; however, student fees do apply.
    • Contact the Columbia College Business Office (209.588.5114) for more information.

Transcript Requests:

  • For tests taken at Columbia College, prior to January 1, 2013; transcripts can be requested by calling 209-588-5148.
  • For test taken at Columbia College after January 1, 2014 or through another test center, at any time; transcripts can be requested through MyGED.
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