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Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative

Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative


Earn an Associate Degree with an emphasis in Hospitality Options while getting paid to do on the job training. Columbia College Apprenticeship Initiative is a grant funded program that provides its students with on-the-job training in the hospitality industry and accompanying study. Most of the training occurs as the students work as apprentices for one of the two committed employers, Black Oak Casino Resort and Evergreen Lodge & Rush Creek Lodge. At least 48 students will have the opportunity to complete an Associate of Science degree, while working as paid, full-time apprentices. Apprentices rotate through different professional areas at the employer site over an 18-24 month period, to receive comprehensive training in a range of positions that could include a combination of front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, beverage management, retail, recreation and several aspects of kitchen and food service. While working, apprentices complete additional general education courses and electives to fulfill requirements for an Associate of Science degree.

Benefits of Participation

  • Experience on the job training while earning an Associate of Science Degree.
  • Paid on the job training.
  • Tuition balance paid after financial aid eligibility determination.
  • Academy books provided.

How to Apply

Academy Course Outline 

Academic Flow Chart

Here are some examples of the courses that are being offered through the Apprenticeship Initiative:

HPMGT 102 Intro to Hospitality Careers and Human Relations
HPMGT 104 Hospitality Laws and Regulations  
HPMGT 112 Front Office Management/Hotel Catering 
HPMGT 114 Introduction to Maintenance & Housekeeping  
HPMGT 120 Safety and Sanitation
HPMGT 122 Restaurant Math
HPMGT 126 Nutrition for Chefs
HPMGT 128 Kitchen Management
HPMGT 133A Intro to Commercial Food Preparation
HPMGT 134 Commercial Baking: Beginning   
HPMGT 136 Dining Room Service and Management I
HPMGT 147 Beverage Management 
HPMGT 152 Restaurant Planning  

Industry Outlook

Hospitality is a predominately people-oriented industry where business success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction, enjoyment and safety. Labor market research shows the tourism and hospitality industry is robust, assuring strong career prospects for years to come. According to Tourism Economics, written by Dean Runyan in 2014, statewide direct travel spending totaled $117.5 billion in 2014, and generated 1,027,000 jobs. Regionally, the Gold Country has an estimated 39,200 travel-related jobs, with 4,400 in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties alone, primarily in food service and lodging. Locally, this project’s two committed employers have more than 1,100 employees, and both have planned major expansions.  



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