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Library Policies

All Columbia College Library policies and procedures exist within campus- and district-wide policies and procedures, along with applicable federal, state and local laws.

The Library and the materials in our collections are available to everyone. Please contact the Library if you need assistance.

Cell Phones
Please set cell phones and other devices to vibrate.

Children visiting the Library must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Classified Staff Replacing Faculty in Classrooms
It is inappropriate for a classified staff member to administer tests or quizzes, or in any way attempt to replace a faculty member in the classroom for any reason because of possible legal ramifications (problems that could arise e.g. cheating, being accused of favoritism, etc.). Class coverage must be by a current faculty member.

Collection Development and Weeding Guidelines
The Library adds and removes items from its collections in accordance with relevant YCCD Board Policies. For more details please see our Collection Development and Weeding Guidelines page.

Computer Use
YCCD Student Code of Conduct prohibits, among other things, the illegal downloading of copyrighted material; displaying pornographic images (such that they create a hostile environment); and harassing, threatening or intimidation of other persons. See the Library's Computer Use Policy page and the Yosemite Community College District's Computer Use Policy for more information.

Demonstration Area
Library orientations and classes have priority use of the Demonstration Area. When not used for Library orientations or classes, the Demonstration Area is open to all patrons. Instructors must arrange Library orientations and classes for their courses by contacting the librarian in advance. Last minute requests will be accommodated when possible. Note that the Demonstration Area is only available for Library-related orientations and classes and cannot be reserved as a regular computer lab.

Display Cases
Two display cases near the Library entrance are available for use by student groups and clubs, academic “departments,” and for promoting special events. Interested individuals or organizations can contact the librarian to discuss the proposed display and to make arrangements for setting it up. Given displays are normally active for one calendar month.

Donated materials are welcome for consideration by the librarian regarding their usefulness to our collection. Please check with the Librarian before bringing any materials to the Library: 209-588-5179. A completed donation form must accompany all donations. 

Employment (student assistants)
Students interested in employment can contact the librarian to express their interest, qualifications and, if appropriate, contact information. All student assistants must be enrolled in a minimum of six units to be considered for employment. Candidates considered for employment will need to complete the appropriate paperwork before job offers can be made.

The Library charges fines for material returned late and fees for lost and/or damaged material. Students may phone, email, or visit the Circulation desk to renew materials and avoid charges.

Patrons are welcome to eat and drink in the library with the expectation that they do not disturb other patrons and that they clean up after themselves.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
ILL services are available to provide access to materials not held by the Columbia College Library. Our agreements with reciprocating libraries allow us to provide this service free of charge. For community patrons, up to three ILL requests will be filled for free per semester. Subsequent ILLs will be filled at $10 per request.

The Library does not share patron information with third parties except as required by law or to facilitate interlibrary loans.

Requests for materials
Patron requests for materials are encouraged and supported. Written requests should be given or forwarded to the librarian for evaluation. Materials that complement our collections will be purchased as budgets permit.

Reserves | Textbooks
Textbooks generally circulate for two hours and must remain in the library. The library has two processes that increase access to textbooks: 1) When the library has multiple copies of a textbook, at least one copy is made available for overnight loan, due back 15 minutes before the library closes the following day. 2) After 5pm (2pm on Fridays), all textbooks - even if we only have one copy - can be checked out overnight. Those items are due the following morning at 9am.

Textbooks are not renewable and students must wait at least 24 hours between checking out the same title overnight. Popular titles may require a longer waiting period and proof of enrollment in the course. 

Student Printer and Copier
The cost to use the printer and copiers is $.10 a page and $.25 for color pages.

Study Rooms
Priority use of the study rooms is given to groups of two or more students engaged in academic work.

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