Loan Periods and Fines Loan Periods and Fines

Item Type

Maximum Loan Period

Overdue Fines


3 Weeks

25¢ Per Day


3 Weeks

25¢ Per Day


3 Weeks

25¢ Per Day

DVDs and VHS

3 Weeks

25¢ Per Day



$1.00  to $2.50 Per Day

2-Hour Reserves

2 Hours

50¢ Per Hour

1-Day Reserves

1 Day

$5.00 Per Day

3-Day Reserves

3 Days

$2.50 Per Day

1-Week Reserves

1 Week

$1.00 Per Day

1-Semester Reserves

1 Semester

$5.00 Per Day

Interlibrary Loans 

Varies according to lending library 

$1.00 Per Day 

  • Books, DVDs, Movies and Magazines can be renewed up to two times.
  • Maximum overdue fine per item: $20.00 ( $50.00 per reserve item).
  • Lost, stolen and damaged items: Replacement cost plus $10.00 processing fee. Items are presumed lost when they are 90 days overdue and no credit will be given for returning an item after that point.
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