Fees and Expenses Fees and Expenses

Below is the estimated cost for non-resident students for a full academic year (8 months). Actual costs will depend on how many courses a student takes, where the student decides to live, and which health plan a student selects. Tuition & fees is based on full-time enrollment at 12 units per semester for $353.00 per unit. Summer semester is optional. The housing estimate is based off of shared occupancy for a dorm room on-campus. The food, books and supplies, and personal expenses estimate is based off the California Student Aid Commission Budget for 2024-2025 for 8 months.

Tuition and Fees: $8,475
Books and Supplies: $1,070
Food $6,540
Housing:  $5,670
Personal Expenses: $4,420
Health Insurance: $380
Total:  $26,555


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