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General Education

The two links below, one a PDF and the other a downloadable Microsoft Excel file, are provided to help you search for a particular General Education category. Open one of the links in either Adobe Reader or Excel and use the "find" features to search for something specific, like "CSU-GE-C2", and you will see all of our classes that meet that requirement. You can then return to Class Search to view the specific days and times we are offering each class this term.

1. General Education Listing: The easy way


2. General Education Listing: The most detailed way

Course Key PDF   Couse Key Excel
PDF Hint for PCs:
 EXCEL Hint 1:

Pressing Ctrl + F ...

...will open a "search box" on the right corner of your screen (see example below)


First click the box "Enable Editing" on top of your screen.

  If you are looking for a particular GE requirement, such as "C2", then use the little drop_down arrow (called a "filter") ... 

Type the class you are looking for, and it will bring you right to it.

PDF Hint for Mac:

You will get the same result by pressing "Command + F" (which will open the "search box" as described above.


  ...and select the one you want to see (see example below)







If you really want to be clever, the use a "Text Filter" that "Contains..." "C2" (see example below)




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