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What is Think 30?

The Think 30 campaign was created to encourage Columbia College students to complete 30 units each year with the goal of a timely graduation that minimizes the expense of a college degree.

Benefits to You


The program you set out to complete is more likely to be achieved on time by taking an average of 30 units per year. 


The faster you graduate, the faster you can start your career and earn money.


Once you complete your Associate’s Degree from Columbia College, you can transfer to a four-year institution; start your career, travel, and more.


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Getting Started

You can find out how many units you need to earn to complete your degree
by looking up your program or in Starfish .

To ensure you are on track to complete your certificate or degree on time meet with a counselor and complete a comprehensive educational plan.

Making every class count

Work to balance electives and required courses so you’re taking the right courses to graduate on time. Your academic counselor is available to help you decide on the classes you need to complete degree requirements, and Starfish provides an online guide to your major. You can also locate the name of your advisor in Starfish . Understand that not all courses will count toward your degree. For instance, if you place into English or math support courses you'll be better equipped to complete your degree, but they may not count toward your total of 60 transfer units. If you plan to transfer, you should meet with a transfer advisor regularly.

Checkout concurrent enrollment (with MJC) or online options

Both Columbia College and Modesto Junior College offer an array of online course options. Other colleges outside of the Yosemite Community College District may also have options to supplement the units you're taking with Columbia College. Meet with an academic counselor to determine which, if any of these online options, will help you reach a manageable online unit load.

Enroll in summer

Use your summer semester to get ahead, stay on track, or catch up if needed. Summer semester is more accelerated and intense than a traditional semester (think of completing 16 weeks of work in just 6-8 weeks).

Take all of the required courses

You should meet with your academic counselor to develop a comprehensive educational plan. Required and pre-requisite courses must be taken in order to stay on track.

What if it is not possible for me to take 30 units per year?

Each and every student is different and has different responsibilities outside of the classroom. If taking 30 units is unrealistic for you, understand it may take longer to complete your educational goals than a 2 year time frame. Determine what you can handle and, with the support of a counselor, customize a plan that ensures you still complete your educational goals!

Ask for help when you need it

Life can sometimes get in the way of our plans and goals. If this happens to you, ask for help. All of our Student Services offices can assist students when special circumstances arise.

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