Health Care

Health career workers, like nurses and nutritionists, are in high demand and Columbia College offers many programs to prepare you. The Allied Health Associate in Science Degree is specifically designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution. The Nutrition and Dietetics Associate in Science for Transfer program is to prepare students for transfer to a California State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and/or Dietetics. The Public Health Science program trains students in multidisciplinary approaches to public health practice and research, which is essential to recognizing and addressing public health issues at the state, national and global levels.

Core Health Care classes include:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Health & Fitness Education
  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Statistics
  • General Psychology

Other courses include:

  • General Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Drugs and Behavior
  • Principles of Economics
  • Health and Fitness Education

Health Care Majors go into a variety of careers, some examples are:

At the Associates Level:
At the Bachelors Level:
At the Masters/Doctorate Level:
Nutritionist Environmental Health Biostatistician
Community Health Specialist Health Educator Epidemiologist
Administrative Support Health Communications Specialist Legislative Policy Advisor
Cancer Registrar Health Researcher Director of Family Health

Clinical Lab Technologist

NGO Director (non-gov org) Infection Prevention
Pharmacy Technician Emergency Response Expert Medical Director/Administration

Students successfully completing the Associate Degree in Allied Health  have a solid foundation for pursuing a career and/or further education in Allied Health & Pre-Nursing. Students successfully completing the Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) Degrees have a solid foundation for pursuing further education in a related field. These AS-T degree are specifically designed to streamline transfer to CSU, see for details. UC transfer is streamlined by following a UC Transfer Pathway. Please see a counselor for your best major preparation and general education pattern for your specific goals.

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