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OEI Updates 

1/2019 - The Course Exchange Interface has been transitioned to the Finish Faster Interface. The OEI/CVC is still working with a few of the pilot colleges for "proof of concept" before the other colleges can update the Admin Panel and track students. Currently all fully online courses from all of the Consortium Colleges are listed in Finish Faster each semester. 

5/2018 - Due to the OEI working on making the Exchange a more seamless and successful experience for students the Course Exchange will be on hold until fall 2019. 

2/3/2018 - The entrance for our courses to be in the OEI Course Exchange has been delayed until fall of 2018. 6 Pilot Exchange colleges are working through the Course Exchange upgrade first. User Testing will be taking place throughout the spring semester for us in preparation for fall. 

11/9/2017 - We are starting the process of entering information in the Course Exchange Interface for the Home and Teaching College Messages, as well as logging in the course information. On schedule for spring 2018!

9/7/2017 - This semester Columbia College is preparing for the Exchange. Classes should be ready to enroll in this fall and be offered in the spring 2018. We have classes from Child Dev, English and History that have gone through the review process.

3/15 - Here is an informational video about how the "Exchange" will work for students.

3/3/2017 - Anna Stirling and Lene Whitley-Putz from @ONE came to Columbia College to train us how to apply the Online Course Design Rubric. We have one instructor "Exchange Ready" and others who will be going through the review process.

OEI Training in the ITC

2/22/17 - Do you want to know more details about the Online Education Initiative as we ramp up to be in the Full Exchange this fall, 2017? Here are some OEI information videos to help.

12/22/16 - Course Exchanges: The Intended Consequences

11/8/16 - Forbes Article - California's New Playbook For Online Education 

11/4/16 - The OEI provides a few new additional tools to pilot, Proctorio, the lockdown browser and remote proctoring tool, the "Quest Program" for student success and also Portfolium. Although Portfolium is not part of the OEI per say, being part of the OEI has broadened our awareness of many new resources for student success. There is also a "new and improved" online course design rubric for the Full Exchange that will be made available this fall. Columbia College instructors will be using the rubric as an online course development guide.

5/16 - Columbia College will continue in the OEI Online Tutoring Pilot for summer and fall 2016 as we fully migrate to our new Course Management System, Canvas by the end of spring 2017. Check out our Canvas Web page for more information about Canvas. For more detailed information about the Pilots and the Online Education Initiative visit the OEI Web site.

9/15 - OEI Updates: Illuminating Facts, Debunking Myths - TechEDge

The OEI Online Tutoring Pilot will continue during the summer and fall of 2015.

Why Was Canvas Chosen as the OEI's Common Course Management System?

OEI Town Hall - April 8, 2015 | event live from Long Beach, CA ~ simulcast from Sacramento, CA.

4/9/15 - Online Ed Works To Enhance Support Programs  - Jory Hadsell - OEI Chief Academic Officer


2/25/15 - Working Together - by Pat James, OEI Executive Director

2/12/15 - Selection of Common Course Management System - TechEDge

1/15/15 - OEI Selects Link-Systems for Online Tutoring - TechEDge 

12/11/14 - A Herculean Task by Pat James, OEI Executive Director

10/30/14 - Building What's Never Been Built by Pat James, OEI Executive Director

10/26/14 - California Community Colleges Joining Forces for Online Success - Campus Technology

Online Education Initiative

What is the OEI?
The OEI is an initiative of the CCC Chancellor's Office, funded by the California legislature in 2013 in support of Governor Jerry Brown's Online Education Initiative proposal. The OEI is one of three major initiatives—including the Education Planning Initiative and the Common Assessment Initiative—that are expected to integrate, improve, and evolve existing technology services on behalf of California's community college students.

What is the end goal?
The end goal of the project is being able to create an Online Course Exchange that will allow students a seamless online experience. The Online Education Initiative will help make online programs accessible for all CCC students with effective tutoring solutions, online readiness solutions, a robust course review process and a common course management system.

What are the benefits?
• Increase the number of college associate degree graduates and transfers to four-year colleges
• Improve retention and success of students enrolled in Online Course Exchange courses (course design rubric, student readiness, online tutoring, CCMS)
• Increase California Community Colleges education for the underserved and underrepresented including individuals with disabilities and those with basic skills needs
• Increase ease of use and convenience of the online experience
• Decrease the cost of student education
• Significantly increase demand for online course delivery
• Help set a standard across the state for exemplary online courses and programs

How Does Columbia College fit into the OEI?
In the first phase of the initiative there are a total of 24 colleges piloting 3 staging groups: Full Launch, Online Student Readiness and Online Tutoring Services. Columbia College has been selected to participate in the Online Tutoring Services Pilot group, and along with 7 other colleges will be responsible for piloting effective online tutoring services for our own students during spring 2015. These pilot groups will be an important resource in preparing courses for inclusion in the OEI Exchange as the project progresses. The colleges will also inform a variety of processes across the OEI as needed.

All 24 pilot colleges will be provided with an extensive set of important resources appropriate to their group goals and aspirations, including instructional design and professional course-review support and a wide variety of professional development services. All pilot colleges will be highly important and integral members responsible for all decisions to be made in their respective groups.

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