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Student Testimonials


“HSI provides an atmosphere that is not found anywhere else. Being able to get away from “city life” helps tremendously—it’s, for some reason, easier to do homework and learn in an environment where you’re not distracted with everyday life.”

Ashley M.   


“Taking the class at HSI made it easier to learn. I was able to learn more. I felt more open and able to express my thoughts.”

Travis L.   


“Wonderful. The most rewarding educational experience that I’ve ever had. This is how learning ought to be done, always. Learn, read, and write the subject.”

Julie M.   


“Very nice institute. Hosts are wonderful and do an excellent job at caring for the Institute and they do a great job at letting students know what is expected of them.”

Eric B.   


“I love this place! I had a great time and the dorms were comfy and I loved how “homey” this place felt. [I enjoyed] getting to know new people and connecting on [a] deeper level.”

Josh B.   


“HSI is the perfect environment for any class. The facility covers all your humanistic needs while the nature satisfies you intrinsically.”

Paul G.   


“After this course, I will need no more professional development for my teaching job, so I’ll be back purely for the enjoyment of learning about our mountains!”

David K.   


“[HSI] is immersed in the environment which I think helps in learning because you’re away from your everyday busy, distracting life.”

Matthew H.   


“I will definitely be back next year.”

Rob K.   


“I really like it! This is actually the second time I’ve been up here! It’s really fun and shows you more ways to learn about things. Gets you to interact with nature and people.”

Stephanie M.   


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