HSI - Mission HSI - Mission

High Sierra Institute at Baker Station

Mission Statement

We create challenges that connect to the natural world through experiential learning in the high Sierra. We transform lives.

Vision Statement

To be the most dynamic learning experience in the Sierra Nevada.

Guiding Principles

  • Foster the healthy growth of our students within a natural environmental setting in the following confluent educational domains (holistic approach): 1) cognitive; 2) affective; and 3) psychomotor;
  • Foster cooperative research ventures between government and academia;
  • Apply the principles of sustainability, using green technology, to minimize our impact on the earth’s environment, through teaching, facility design, and other means;
  • Produce research data involving the natural, social, historical, cultural, and other features of the Central Sierra Nevada region;
  • Support the historical preservation of the facility;
  • Promote environmental literacy (reduce incidence of “Nature Deficit Disorder” among the public);
  • Promote activities that support technical education (GPS field data collection; GIS analyses, digital video, digital imagery, use of computers in the field, etc.);
  • Promote activities that support physical education;
  • Foster the generation of creative endeavors (i.e. inspired by natural setting) such as art, writing, photography, music, etc.; and
  • Promote shared stewardship of public lands.






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