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TRiO Peer Mentors

  Come Visit your Peer Mentors in  Manzanita 212


Spring 2018 Office Hours
Monday-Wednesday 8:30am-5:30pm
Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm
Friday 9:30am-1:30pm


209-588-5066- Manzanita 212 (voicemail available)

No Appointment required, but appointments are encouraged for tutoring sessions. 
Log-into the TRiO SSS Canvas course to view each Mentor's weekly schedule or stop by and see us!

Visit your Peer Mentors in order to: reduce stress, set goals, celebrate your successes! They can walk you through applications, step-by-step, help with homework or instructor expectations, and even fill you in on the latest Student Success Workshop you might have missed.


    Chorine Bonham   Chorine Bonham 


209-588-5066 (voicemail available)

Hi, my name is Chorine Bonham. I’m an Allied Health/Nursing Major. I have my Associates of Science Degree in Medical Assisting from Heald College. My plan is to finish up my perquisites for the MJC nursing program. From there I hope to transfer to a BSN program.

This is my first semester as a Peer Mentor and also my first semester as a tutor in the AAC.  I am a DSPS student and a single mom. I understand some of the struggles that students can face day to day. The struggles that I have faced in my life has driven me to be the successful student that I am today.  With that experience I want to aid people to become successful students as well.

Areas of Expertise:
Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Terminology
Goal Setting
School Resources
Stress Management

 Michael Storey Michael Storey


209-588-5066 (voicemail available)

Howdy. I'm Storey. I’m an official English-turned-Biology student, climber, and knee-swap-dancin’ dude living the life of stress and torture in hardcore math, biology, and chemistry classes—and I love it.

I'm pretty alright at English stuff, I guess. If you ask why a sentence is a sentence or why a comma is a comma I’m gonna shrug and refer you to google, but if you need help breaking writer's block or tapping into that almighty Pathos that makes a killer personal statement, I’m your man. I’m also pretty good at the maths and I love tutoring it. Please, I beg of you, come to me with interesting math questions—or come to me FOR interesting math questions!

I’m pretty decent at life stuff, too. Just did my own taxes. Got a credit report a few days ago. Learned how to manage my finances. Doing a decent job saving for transfer and preparing for the next step, so if that’s a concern of yours we can talk.

I also love to hike and climb, so if you want to just talk and go for a walk in the wilderness, I’ll be your Dr. Phil-meets-Bear Grylls.  

      Areas of Expertise:

Breaking Writer's Block
Essay Structure
Out-of-th-box Math
Time/Stress Management
Studying Techniques
Learning from mistakes
General Chit-Chattin'



Dan Burdick Dan Burdick

209-588-5066 (voicemail available)


Good day! My name is Dan Burdick and I am currently working on getting my general education done here at Columbia. I am majoring in Geology/Seismology but that is always subject to change. I have worked locally at Lake Melonies Marina (when they had houseboats) and have worked for the California Conservation Corps (a state funded work program). I have lived in Copperopolis for 18 years and can’t wait to travel and transfer! When I am not working or doing class work I’m either watching aanime or playing video games with friends, so let’s nerd out!

     Areas of Expertise:

Public Speaking
Earth Science
Columbia College Catalog
Small Town Blues


Phillip Harty Phillip Harty


209-588-5066 (voicemail available)

 I am Phillip Harty. Currently I am a Geology major. My original intention was to enter the field of water treatment/distribution, thus I have obtained my T2/D2 SWRCB certifications. However, reality is a harsh mistress. After three years of unsuccessfully obtaining an operator in training position, I decided networking was the missing ingredient. Upon returning to Columbia College, I decided my major was to be Water Resources Management. When the decision to transfer was made is not known to me, but the major I had decided on was insufficient. Tentatively, I plan to obtain a Hydrology or Hydrogeology BS and seek employment with the USGS. This plan means potentially forgoing water treatment and distribution. Their loss.

    Areas of Expertise:

Note Taking
Time Management
Campus Resources
Nebulous Concepts

JenMilbourn Jen Milbourn


209-588-5066 (voicemail available)

Hi! My name is Jen Milbourn.  I am a busy mom of three teenagers and have been married for almost 18 years. I am majoring in Human Services for a career in counseling. I have a passion for helping others especially fellow students, young people, and moms both single and married.  

I am a returning student (it's been 20 years, and if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!) I love English and creative writing, am a history nerd, long walks, a good book, spending time with my family, and COFFEE!! One of my favorite quotes is, "Focus on where you want to go not on what you fear."

 Areas of Expertise:

Listening & Encouraging
Overcoming fears of failure
Balancing life and school  
Reducing stress
Helping you set goals (and cheering you on!) 
English & Creative Writing
Note taking
Creating delicious espresso drinks
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