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Definitions and Comparison

The Columbia College Classified Senate has developed two distinct methods of recognizing, articulating and valuing the professionalism and contributions of classified staff to Columbia College. These awards are representative of the Classified Senate’s active role in the participatory governance process.

 The differences between these awards are as follows:

Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year Award

Classified Staff STAR Award

  • It is generally based on a person’s long- term commitment and dedication to the college.
  •  It is intended to acknowledge a one-time  outstanding action, endeavor, event or project.
  • An engraved plaque and substantial gifts are given.
  •  Recipients will receive a Classified Staff STAR Award Certificate.
  •  It is presented at the year-end staff recognition luncheon.
  •  It will be presented during a surprise visit to the recipient’s work area.
  •  The recipient’s photo is posted on a plaque in Manzanita, and on the Classified Senate webpage.
  •  The recipient’s photo and reason for winning the award will be posted on the Classified Senate webpage and sent as a campus-wide email announcement.
  •  This is awarded only once to a recipient.
  •  A recipient may be nominated any number of times for exceptional performance and is also eligible for Classified Employee of the Year.


Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year

Elissa Creighton
The 2016 recipient is Elissa Creighton.

This Columbia College Classified Senate award recognizes an exemplary classified employee who best represents all of Columbia's classified staff and symbolizes the contributions and commitment to students, staff, faculty and community. Management, Faculty and Classified Staff may nominate a Classified Staff member for this award. The employee selected is acknowledged at the End of the Year luncheon and is honored with his/her name engraved on a plaque and photo (displayed for one year).

Selection Criteria

This award from the Columbia College Classified Senate recognizes the outstanding contributions of a permanent classified staff member who demonstrates the following qualities:

  • Professional excellence
  • Dedication and commitment to job and college
  • Care, concern, and respect for all staff and students
  • Willingness to join in team effort (within the division/college)
  • Positive and optimistic attitude

Previous Recipients List

  • 1991 - Kathy Smith
  • 1992 - Wendy Archer
  • 1993 - Judy Bassi
  • 1994 - Cindy Fraguero
  • 1995 - Wendy Link
  • 1996 - Dr. Kenneth B. White (honorary classified employee)
  • 1997 - Sally Schoettgen
  • 1998 - Barbara Young
  • 1999 - Candy Bailey
  • 2000 - Ron Jackson
  • 2001 - Jan Jorn
  • 2002 - Karen Yacovetti
  • 2003 - Doryene Rapini
  • 2004 - Terrill Deatsch
  • 2005 - Terri Isaman
  • 2006 - Karen Rodts
  • 2007 - Greg Elam
  • 2008 - Linda Cross
  • 2009 - Merlin Bart
  • 2010 - Ryan Brady
  • 2011 - Gail Segerstrom
  • 2012 - Doreen Bass
  • 2013 - Nancy Brooks
  • 2014 - Casey Bonavia
  • 2015 - Colleen Henry
  • 2016 - Debbie York
  • 2017 - Elissa Creighton

Classified Staff STAR Award



Classified Senate Scholarship Criteria

The 2016/2017 recipient is:
Clifford Armstrong

The 2015/2016 recipients are:
John Geer and Nichole Glass

The 2014/2015 recipient is:
Aubrey Walker

The intent of this scholarship is to award a student who is pursuing a certificate or degree at Columbia College, using the College Application.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Prior Term Status (previous Spring): at least 6 units.
  • Fall Semester Status: at least 6 units.
  • Current Term Status: at least 6 units
  • Plans for next Fall: return to Columbia College
  • GPA 2.5
  • Other: will have completed a minimum of 18 units by the end of the current academic year




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