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Work Experience

Cooperative Work Experience Education is a cooperative program which combines relevant work experience with related instruction and enables students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter and/or progress in a chosen occupation. 

The benefits of Cooperative Work Experience are:


  • Improves employer/employee communications through objective evaluations.
  • Assists with the development of goals through learning objectives.
  • Assists in training of personnel.


  • Relates education to real work.
  • Provides opportunity for job improvement.
  • Increases potential to advance.
  • Opens the way to continued higher education possibilities.


  • Promotes better relations between college/community.
  • Broadens college curriculum.
  • Helps meet training needs in the community.

Cooperative Work Experience Requirements:

  • Student must be employed or volunteering in a job which directly relates to their college major or career goal.
  • Student must be enrolled in a minimum of seven (7) units including Work Experience units; units between Columbia College and Modesto Junior College allowed.
  • Student can earn up to four (4) units of Work Experience per semester for four (4) semesters for a total of sixteen (16) units.
  • Student must become engaged in a new or expanded responsibilities on the job.
  • Employer must provide reasonable assurance that the student will be properly supervised and evaluated.

            Course Units                Paid Work                                Non-Paid Volunteer
           1 Unit                              75 hours/semester                     60 hours/semester
           2 Units                          150 hours/semester                   120 hours/semester
           3 Units                          225 hours/semester                   180 hours/semester
           4 Units                          300 hours/semester                   240 hours/semester

  A total of 12 units may be transferred to the state university system as electives.

Cooperative Work Experience currently offered:

 AT 97
Work Experience in Automotive Technology  
2, 3, 4  units 
Work Experience in Business and Commerce 
2, 3, 4  units
Work Experience in Child Development     
2, 3, 4  units 
 EMS 97
Work Experience in Emergency Medical Services  
2, 3, 4  units
 FIRE 97
Work Experience in Fire Technology
2, 3, 4  units
 FNR 97
Work Experience in Forestry and Natural Resources    
2, 3, 4  units
 HHP 97
Work Experience in Health/Human Performance
1 unit
 HL-OC 97
Work Experience in Health Occupations
2, 3, 4  units
Work Experience in Hospitality Management
2, 3, 4  units
Work Experience in Office Technology
2, 3, 4  units
Work Experience in Psychology
2, 3, 4  units
 TAID 97
Work Experience in Teacher Aide
2, 3, 4 units
 WT 97
Work Experience in Welding
2, 3, 4  units
Work Experience in Work Experience
1, 2, 3, 4 units

Required Documents

Columbia College Cooperative Work Experience Student Handbook
Cooperative Work Experience Application/Training Agreement
Cooperative Work Experience Student Contract
Cooperative Work Experience Learning Objectives
Cooperative Work Experience Time Summary Report
Cooperative Work Experience Record of Employer Visitation
Cooperative Work Experience Mid-Semester Evaluation
Cooperative Work Experience Final Semester Evaluation
Cooperative Work Experience Final Assignment



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