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The primary mission of the Columbia College Basketball Program is to offer a comprehensive range of transfer, vocational, cultural and community education programs. The Basketball Program also provides support programs and services to assist its student-athletes in gaining access to higher education and achieving success in their chosen endeavors. An essential component to this mission is the full development of the Columbia College Basketball Program's student-athletes as responsible members of the community in both academic and non-academic settings. The Basketball Program plays a major role in achieving this goal since its student-athletes integrate intercollegiate competition with Columbia College's unique academic programs. Columbia College Basketball places the highest priority on the academic development of its student-athletes.

The Basketball Program must strive to foster a sense of community among faculty, staff, and students on campus and to help provide a focus for community outreach with alumni, family, friends, and supporters.

Columbia College expects its Basketball Program to provide a foundation of principles for each of its student-athletes, which includes: responsibility, setting goals, evaluation of progress, plans for improvement, achievement of goals, pride, and attainment of self-actualization.

Columbia College also expects its Basketball Program to strive for excellence, with emphasis placed on team cohesion and the personal growth of each student-athlete.

The Basketball Program at Columbia College is bound by the policies and procedures of the California Collegiate Athletic Association and rules of the Central Valley Conference, and is dedicated to maintaining the reputation as the premier Basketball Program in the state of California.