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Remote Access Setup
Essential Tips for Working Remotely (outside source)
ConferZoom Training Schedule (with Kathy Schultz; scroll to bottom)
Reduced Cost or Free Internet Access (Vision Resource Center)
CamScan (mobile scanner)
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Professional Development

Vision Resource Center  (First time Use: Click the Register link, then after receiving the confirmation email click the link provided and log in. After logging in, click the Home link at the top of the screen, then click the Enter the Vision Resource Center link. This will take you to an area where you can do searches etc.)

Suggested Vision Resource Center Training Modules


Please feel free to use any of these photos as your background in Zoom



square background, zoom, recognizing lqbtq


Domestic Violence awareness background


Library and Lake at Columbia College

Snow at Columbia College

Manzanita Building at Columbia College

Columbia College Arch

library and lake at Columbia College black and white

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