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Media Services maintains all of the instructional technology in all of Columbia’s classrooms and conference rooms.

Columbia College classrooms range from “Smart” classrooms with SMART Technologies Smart boards to rooms with media carts. Media equipment is made available for any classroom or event upon request.

The Media Services department maintains a database of all of media equipment used at Columbia College to track lifecycle and maintain the most current technology. As new equipment is purchased the current classroom equipment is evaluated to see if it could be used to upgrade a classroom with older equipment. When it is determined that a piece of media equipment has reached the end of its usable life it is sent to District for asset disposal.

  • Smart Classrooms

The Technology and Media Services department in conjunction with the Title III Grant is in the process of upgrading some of the Colleges classrooms to Smart Classrooms. A Smart Classroom includes technologies like Interactive Whiteboards or interactive projectors that allow a presenter to interact with presentation without the need to be hands on a computer. Other technologies that may be included in a smart room include a digital presenter such as an ELMO or a Video Conferencing system. As the technology in a classroom becomes more advanced the Media services department will work to provide more training for instructors both in person and online. Training for Smart classroom technology is also available for Faculty and Staff in the ITC “Instructional Training Center”

  • Requesting a Media Setup:

To schedule a Media setup contact the Administrative Technician at (209) 588-5101. The Administrative Technician will make a media reservation with all the requirements. To request additional equipment for a classroom please contact Kevin Granandos at a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Kevin Granandos can also be reached at (209)588-5123

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