Student Success and Equity Research Student Success and Equity Research

Evidence Based Decision Making

Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) considers the results of local, regional, and national research when developing an integrated plan which addresses a number of Student Success Initiatives. 

Integrated Plan

The college has developed an integrated plan for student success which leverages a variety of statewide student success initiatives.

Columbia College 2015 - 2016 Integrated Plan For Student Success

Statewide Initiatives

The initiatives addressed in the integrated plan include:

Adult Education Block Grant

Basic Skills Initiative

Strong Workforce Initiative

Student Equity Initiaitive

Student Support and Success Program


Columbia College Office of Research and Planning

Columbia College Research Briefs

Columbia College Student Services Student Learning Outcomes

California Acceleration Project

Career Ladders

California Community College Chancellors Office (CCCCO) Datamart

California Community College Chancellors office (CCCCO) Scorecard

Community College Research Center (CRCC)

Research and Planning (RP) Group

California Community Colleges' Success Network (3CSN)





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