Library Student Learning Outcomes Library Student Learning Outcomes


The Library Services has identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for the various services provided for the library. 

  • SLO #1: Research classes, reference services and exposure to Library resources give students the knowledge and skills needed to: a) Construct context-appropriate search strategies; b) Recognize the value of pursuing different resources; c) Increase their awareness of available resources; d) Critically evaluate the integrity of information they retrieve; e) Appropriately cite and credit all sources referenced in their work; f) Support their vocational education in preparation for entering or advancing into the workplace.
  • SLO #2: The Library fosters positive growth in students. The Library's diverse collection and stimulating atmosphere encourages: a) Civic involvement and the value of active citizenship; b) Global awareness and environmental sustainability; c) Understanding the economic, legal and social issues of using information; d) The ethical use of information; e) The pursuit of lifelong learning; f) The successful transition and advancement into the workplace.
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