Substance Abuse Recovery Substance Abuse Recovery

Signs of a Problem

Many students experiment with drugs and alcohol in college, and it can be difficult to tell when the use of such substances becomes a problem — especially in yourself. Generally, it’s time for concern when drug or alcohol use interferes with your daily life: your relationships, your studies, or the activities that keep your life on track. Learn more at

Also check these resources out:

  • Live Another Day  - Extensive information on mental health and substance use resources for people of color. Their mission is equal access to life-saving resources. They have guides for black, Latinx, Asian, and native people.
  • Detox Local  - An extensive list of mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.
  • - A website that provides assistance with locating addiction resources and treatment. Outlines the treatment process of getting sober, interventions, drug and alcohol detox, behavioral therapy, rehabilitation, and relapse prevention. 
  • - A website that details the process of finding an addiction treatment program. Answers questions related to cost, importance, insurance coverage, and more. 
  • - A website that assists in finding support for addiction. 
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