Starfish Guide to your Success Network Starfish Guide to your Success Network

NEW for Fall 2020: Make or cancel an appointment with your counselor in Starfish (instructions in Step 6 below!)

At this time, DSPS students are unable to make appointments through this program. Please call the office directly to schedule appointments, 209-588-5130.

Step 1 - Find it!

You can either type the word Starfish in the search bar or you can click on the Starfish logo. The areas to follow are highlighted for you.

starfish step 1 highlight

Step 2

Click on the second link that comes up. This will take you directly to the main Starfish login page.

starfish for students step 2

Step 3

Below you will see several links. The first link says, "Starfish Login" (highlighted); at the bottom of the page you will see three links. We advise all students to click on the link that says, "Student Guides" to help understand how to navigate some of the Starfish tools.

stearfish step 3

Step 4 - Log in

Use your student email address and password to log in here.

starfish loging page

Step 5 - Success Network

Below are the people in your personalized Success Network. If you   click on one of the names, a short bio will appear providing information about that person and their position. In the bio area, you will have several options depending upon the counselor and the department in which the counselor works.

starfish success network

Step 6-Make or cancel an appointment with your counselor in Starfish.

NOTE:  Please remember that Starfish is a new program at Columbia College, and we are still in the beginning stages.

If you do not see the name of the person you are looking for, type their name in the search bar at the top of the page. Once you see the person you are looking for, click on the three blue dots. As you can see, this gives you several options. Choose what you want to do and click on it.  starfish appointments step six

Step 6.1

If you choose to "schedule" an appointment, you will select the reasons (shown below) for scheduling your appointment. Next, click CANCEL (bottom left), or CONTINUE (bottom right).

Starfish make and break appointment

 Step 7

If you CONTINUED, you will see the counselors that are available on the date you have chosen. Click on the time that best fits your schedule, (bottom of the page) then click CONTINUE.

starfish making appointment

Step 7.1

Next, under "Reason for Visit" (right side of page), you can briefly describe the reason for your visit. On the left side you will see everything you need to know about your appointment: whom with; date, time and location of your meeting.

starfish step 7.1

Step 7.2

If you want to cancel an appointment, you can click on the three blue dots at the bottom right of page. You will get an email confirmation of your appointment, once it is made or canceled.

starfish final step appointment

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