Fire Emergency Information Fire Emergency Information


Call 9-1-1 from a safe location
Then, Campus Safety - 566-5476
Do not try to fight a fire unless you have been trained to do so

R.A.C.E. to safety from a fire

  • R = RESCUE anyone in immediate danger from the fire if it does not endanger your life.
  • A = ALARM by sounding the alarm when activating the pull station alarm box.
  • C = CONFINE the fire by closing all doors.
  • E = EVACUATE to the building evacuation assembly point.

If you smell smoke, prior to opening a door, feel if the door is HOT. Open cautiously.

Leave the area at once. If smoky, stay near the floor where there is less smoke.

Evacuate the building calmly, but quickly, proceeding to the evacuation assembly point.

DO NOT TRY TO USE ELEVATORS. They act like a chimney in a fire.

Assist persons of disability on upper floors to an area of safe refuge (usually a stairwell landing), ask someone to stay with them and alert responders of their location.

If trapped, stay calm. Alert emergency crews by trying the telephone, placing a sign or clothing in a window, whistle, shout or bang on a solid surface at intervals. Stuff material in door cracks to minimize smoke and stay low. Do NOT open a window.

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