Still Deciding

Many students know they want to pursue their college dream, but are not quite sure yet of their direction. Undecided students can benefit from Columbia College's many programs and general education offerings. This allows you to start moving in a meaningful direction while still exploring ideas for declaring a major.

We can help!

  • Meet with one of our Academic Counselors
  • Check out our Career/Transfer Center & Job Placement Services to access many tools for exploration (Vault, Eureka, Road Trip Nation and more!)
  • Check out our Undecided/General Education Advising Guide.
  • Take a Guidance Class on career exploration or college educational goals!
    • GUIDE 1: Career/Life Planning; 3 units; CSU transferable; GE Area E
    • GUIDE 8: Orientation to College; .0-1 unit, CSU transferable
    • GUIDE 18: Life Skills for Higher Education; 3 units; CSU/UC transferable; GE Area E

Related Areas of Study:

Here's a great first semester plan:

A Launchpad is a group of classes that will get you moving toward your goals, even if you are still exploring the details!

Launchpad: Undecided (16 units)

  • ENGL 1A - English Composition 1 (3)
  • GUIDE 1 - Career Guidance (3)
  • Art or Music General Ed (3)
    • ART 14 - Art Appreciation
    • MUSIC 2 - Music Appreciation
  • Math or Science General Ed (4)
    • BIOL 17 - Fundamentals of Biology
    • MATH 2 - Statistics
  • Social/Behavioral Science General Ed (3)
    • SOCIO 1 - Intro to Sociology
    • PSYCH 1 - Intro to Psychology
    • HIST 16 or 17 - American History
    • POLSC 10 - Constitutional Government

(Or switch one of these out with a course in the major you want to explore. Check with a counselor, as there may be a general education course within the major that could do double duty!)

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