Physics provides a pathway to a wide variety of high demand careers in diverse sectors with the skills related to numeracy, problem solving, data analysis and communication of complex ideas, as well as understanding of how the world works on a scientific level. Students will enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills as they explore the relationship of physics to other topic in science, technology and engineering.

Core classes include:

  • Physics (Scientific and Engineering)
  • Calculus

Related electives include:

  • Environmental Science
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Linear Algebra

Physics Majors go into a wide variety of careers. Some examples are:

At the Associates Level:
At the Bachelors Level:
At the Masters/Doctorate Level
Entry Manufacturing Engineer Tech Engineer Medical Doctor
Data Scientist Entry High School Physics Teacher (w/credential) Radiation Oncology Physicist
Operator and Technician Renewable Energy College Professor
Associate Staff Scientist Computer Science Engineer Patent Law Engineering
Research & Development (R & D)

Staff Scientist/R&D

R&D Lab Scientist/Data
Lab Technologist


Physicist at NASA/similar


Students successfully completing the Physics Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) Degree have a solid foundation for pursuing further education in Physics or a related field. This AS-T degree is specifically designed to streamline transfer to CSU, see for details. UC transfer is streamlined by following a  UC Transfer Pathway . Please see a counselor for your best major preparation and general education pattern for your specific goals.

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