Social & Behavioral Sciences

Social and Behavioral Science studies provide a social framework for studying the cognitive and social processes that impact individuals and groups. If you know exactly what path you want to study, click on the Program of Study link below to learn more. If you know the general idea of a Social and Behavioral Science is a field you want to pursue, but not the specific major yet, find the Launchpad below for a list of good classes to get you started in that direction.

Programs of Study

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Get started with a Launchpad

Here's a great first semester plan!

We call it a Launchpad... a group of classes that will get you exploring and moving toward your goals, even if you are still trying to figure out what those specific goals are!

Launchpad: Social & Behavioral Sciences (16 units)
  • ENGL 1A - English Composition 1 (3)
  • GUIDE 18 - College Guidance (3)
  • Social Science (3)
    • SOCIO 1 - Intro to Sociology
    • PSYCH 1 - Intro to Psychology
  • STEM elective (4)
    • BIOL 17 - Fundamentals of Biology
    • MATH 2 – Statistics
  • History or Political Science (3)
    • HIST 16 or 17 - American History
    • POLSC 10 - Constitutional Government
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