Emergency Services

Today's emergency services industry is demanding higher levels of education and training from first responders. Whether you are looking for basic CPR and First Aid training or going all the way through an associates degree to prepare you for leadership roles in the industry, our programs and courses are designed to prepare you for your career aspirations in the fields of Fire Service and Emergency Medical Services.

Programs of Study

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Launchpad - Getting Started!

Here's a great first semester plan!

We call it a Launchpad... a group of classes that will get you exploring and moving toward your goals, even if you are still trying to figure out what those specific goals are!

If you are interested in Emergency Services, it is best to start with any pre-requisites for your desired path. EMS 157 (Emergency Medical Responder) is a starting point for both EMT and the Fire Academy. Other recommended coursework that can help prepare you for success in these classes include Guide 8 (Orientation to College), BIOL 150 (Elementary Anatomy & Physiology), HLTH 50 (Medical Terminology), and ENGL 1A (English Composition).

Please see a counselor to help choose a great first semester and keep you on track toward your goals!

FIRE (13-15 units)
  • FIRE 1 - Fire Protection Organization (3)
  • EMS 157 - Emergency Medical Responder & CPR (3.5)
  • ENGL 1A or 1A:E - English Composition (3-5)
  • MATH 6 - Math for Liberal Arts (3)
  • HHP 56A - Weight Training 1 (1)
  • EMS 157 - Emergency Medical Responder & CPR (3.5)
  • ENGL 1A or 1A:E - English Composition (3-5)
  • HLTH 50 - Medical Terminology (3)
  • MATH 2 - Statistics (4)
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