Elementary Teacher Education

The Elementary Teacher Education AA-T degree provides students with core concepts and issues related to teaching diverse learners in today's contemporary schools TK-12. You will learn about teaching as a career, historical and philosophical educational issues such as content and teacher performance standards. In additional to class time, the course requires 45 hours of structured fieldwork in a public school elementary classroom(s).

Core Elementary Teacher Education classes include:
  • Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching
  • Child Development
  • Math for Elementary Teachers
  • World Civilizations
  • United States History

        .....and more to prepare you with liberal arts courses for credential exams

Elementary Teacher Education Majors go into a variety of careers, some examples are:

At the Associates Level:

At the Bachelors Level:

At the Masters/Doctorate Level:

Teacher Assistant Elementary Teacher (w/credential) College Professor
After School Program Aide Health Educator Instructional Coordinator
Recreation Program Assistant Special Education Instructor  Reading Specialist
  Admissions Counselor School Counselor
  Juvenile Corrections Worker School Administrator


Students successfully completing the Elementary Teacher Education Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree have a solid foundation for pursuing further education in Elementary School Teaching or a related field. This AA-T degree is specifically designed to streamline transfer to CSU, see www.adegreewithaguarantee.com for details. If you are interested in transferring to a UC, you can find more information on the UC Transfer Pathways website. Work with your Columbia College Counselor to help you navigate the best course options for your specific educational goal.

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