Business Administration 


The Business program is constantly updated to stay relevant to today's industry standards, ensuring our students will be prepared for the ever-changing business world. Students gain a strong knowledge of the core concepts and principles of business, as well as hands-on computer time to learn important accounting and analytical skills to build a solid base for their professional career.

Core Business classes include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Economics-Micro & Macro
  • Statistics or Finite Math

Related electives include:

  • Principles of Business
  • Principals of Marketing
  • Computer Concepts & Information Systems
  • Small Business Management
  • Human Relations in Organizations
  • Principals of Management

Business Majors go into a variety of careers. Some examples are:

At the Certificate Level:

At the Associates Level: At the Bachelor's Level and Beyond:
Bank Associate/Teller Account Director Financial Analyst
Bookkeeper Production Supervisor Human Resources Director
Data Management Marketing Specialist/Director Project/Operations Manager
Non-Retail Sales Supervisor Financial Planner Business Development
Administrative Assistant Property Management College Professor
Customer Service Human Resources Generalist Senior Accountant


Please see a counselor for major preparation and general education that will best meet your specific goals.

AA-T / AS-T = Associate of Arts / Science for Transfer AA / AS = Associate of Arts / Science COA = Certificate of Achievement
Transfer degrees facilitate a clear transfer pathway to a CSU major and baccalaureate degree, requiring both major preparation and a general education pattern that would be the typical first two years of a 4-year degree. This degree requires students to complete requirements in an academic major and Columbia College’s General Education breadth and activity requirements. COA in a General Education Pattern (CSU or IGETC) are designed to streamline lower-division general education requirements for transfer to UC, CSU, or other universities.
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