Auto & Welding Technology

In the Columbia College Auto and Welding Technology programs, we'll provide the tools, training, and expert teaching staff to help you master useful and practical skills to earn gainful employment in one of the numerous and diverse jobs available in the industry. If you know exactly what path you want to study, click on the Program of Study link below to learn more. If you know this is the field you want to pursue, but not the specific major yet, find the Launchpad below for a list of good classes to get you started.

Programs of Study

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Get started with a Launchpad

Here's a great first semester plan!

We call it a Launchpad... a group of classes that will get you exploring and moving toward your goals, even if you are still trying to figure out what those specific goals are!

Launchpad: Auto & Welding Technology

Example first semester for Automotive Associates Degree:

  • AT 100 Introduction to Automotive Technology (4)
  • AT 102 Engine Repair (5)
  • AT 105 Automotive Braking Systems (4)
  • GE (Lifelong Learning - recommend Guide 18 or 1) (3)

Example first semester for Welding Certificate

  • WT 121 Arc/Gas Welding (3)
  • WT 124 Welding Design & Fabrication (3)

Please refer to the class search for courses available in the semester you wish to start as course availability is different depending on the semester. Work with a counselor to determine a good schedule and how/if general education classes should be incorporated into your program.

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