I can do that Online? I can do that Online?

Place a Hold

1. Use our Library catalog to locate books, movies, and music in our collection.

2. Once you find an item you want, either use the call number to locate it on the shelf or - if it's currently unavailable or at MJC - click on the "Place Hold" button.

3. Enter your Student ID (student number without the W) and pin (the default pin is "changeme"; see Access Your Library Account if you want to change it). Select where you want to pick up the item (e.g. Columbia College Library).

4. Click the "Place Hold" button and confirm your request was submitted correctly.

5. Once the item becomes available (or sent up from MJC) it will be held for you at the Circulation Desk and you will be notified by your student email account.

Access Your Library Account

Follow these easy steps to access your account online, place holds and renew materials: Select what you would like to do:
1. Go to our Library catalog, which is also located on the left side of our homepage.

2. Click on "My Library Account"

3. Select what you would like to do:
--> Change your password / PIN! (The default password is "changeme".)

Renew Library Materials

To renew Library materials follow the steps above to access your account. Then:
1. Click on "Renew My Materials"

2. Enter login information and click "List Materials

3. Renew items individually or all at once

4. Confirm that your request was successful by checking the new due date

Locate Items on Reserve

1. Go to our Library catalog which is also located on the left side of our homepage.

2. Click "Course Reserves"

3. Type the instructor's last name, the course name or the course number into the search box, then click on the corresponding button

4. Your next step depends on whether you searched by instructor, course name or course number. For example, if you searched by instructor name you will need to select the appropriate course (if the instructor teaches more than one class)

5. Once you have located the materials for the specific course and instructor, the results screen will indicate what the individual items are called and if they currently available

6. All reserve items are located behind the Circulation Desk. Just ask a staff member for the item you need and they will get it for you

Access eBooks

Accessing eBooks from on-campus does not require an account or login information; just follow the steps below to locate and read eBooks. The process to access eBooks from off-campus was simplified in June 2007. The new login procedure is the same one we use for our article and research databases. Note that Columbia students and employees can now only access Columbia's eBooks. Likewise, MJC's eBooks are only available to MJC students and employees.

1. Use our Library catalog to locate an eBook. You can identify an eBook three ways:

  • EB in the call number;
  • [electronic resource] after the title; and
  • the collection is "INTERNET". (If you search the word computers, you will find many.) Be sure to note if the eBook is available at COLUMBIA or MJC.

2. Click on the blue URL link in the bottom right corner to get to the book.

--> From on-campus you will be taken directly to the book on the NetLibrary website, which hosts our eBook collection. You do not need to login.
--> From off-campus you will first be taken to our EZProxy authentication page, just like if you were accessing our article and research databases. Enter your student or employee number and six-digit birthdate to login.

3. Click the 'View this eBook' link to access the book.

4. Now that you have accessed the eBook, the two most common methods of reading them are by browsing the table of contents and searching the text for keywords. Both options are available via the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

Find Magazines and Journals

Discover what magazines and journals we subscribe to, both in print and online.

1. Click on the "Full-text and Print Magazines" link, also found on the Library's homepage

2. Search for specific titles using the "Find" drop-down menu, or browse by title, subject or publisher:Questions? Contact the Librarian!


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