Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms are required to participate in the commencement ceremony?

1. Graduation Participation Form

2. Personal Information Card (PIC)

Q: What is a Graduation Participation Form?

This form confirms a graduate and/or certificate recipient participation in the commencement ceremony. This form should be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office, Manzanita Building, no later than, April 19, 2019.

Q: What is a Personal Information Card (PIC)?

As part of the graduation tradition at Columbia College, a Personal Information Card (PIC) written by each student is read as the student proceeds to the podium to receive his/her diploma and/or certificate of achievement.

Q: Is rehearsal mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory that you attend rehearsal. However, it is highly encouraged. You will receive important line up, seating, and timeline instructions. Rehearsal is Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 2:00 p.m., Carkeet Park. If you are unable to make rehearsal, please review the Commencement Ceremony Procedures.

Q: Can I walk the processional with a faculty member?

Yes, as part of the processional you are allowed to enter the ceremony with an adjunct or full-time faculty member (classified staff and management do not walk in the processional). If you have a particular instructor who was a great source of support, you will need to act quickly and request from them directly that they walk with you during the processional. Keep in mind the processional moves forward in pairs, meaning only you and one faculty member may walk together into the ceremony.

Q: Do I need to notify anyone that I will or will not be attending the ceremony?

Yes, you will need to notify the Commencement Committee of your attendance. This will help to ensure a successful event.

Q: How & when do I receive my diploma?

Due to the timing of the spring 2019 final grades and the commencement ceremony falling so close together, you will not receive your official diploma and/or certificate at the ceremony. In its place you will receive detailed instructions regarding your diploma(s) and/or certificate(s). We plan to have diplomas available by July 2019. Contact Admissions & Records at (209) 588-5233 to confirm the arrival of your official diploma. There will be no charge if you are picking up your diploma. If you would like your diploma mailed to you, there will be a $5.00 postage fee that must be prepaid. Complete and return the Diploma Mailing Form to Admissions & Records.

Q: Do I need tickets, is seating assigned?

No, tickets are not required. There is no reserved seating and guests are respectfully requested not to save seats for others. Special seating will be provided for disabled individuals. However, due to limited space, disabled guests may be accompanied by only one non-disabled person in the disabled seating area.

If you have special mobility needs, please make arrangements for transportation from the parking lot to the Oak Pavilion on the day of graduation with DSPS Office (209) 588-5130, no later than Friday, April 19, 2019.

Q: What time should my guests arrive? and where do I park?

Most guests arrive an hour before the ceremony. Doors open to Oak Pavilion at 5:00 p.m. For information regarding parking, transportation to the Oak Pavilion as well as services for disabled students and guests, see the Maps, Driving Directions & Parking information.

Q: How long will the ceremony last?

The ceremony will last approximately 1.5 hours.

Q: Who is the guest speaker for the Commencement Ceremony?

There will be dignitaries that are to be determined along with two (2) student speakers during the ceremony.

Q: Where can I leave my valuables during the ceremony?

Graduates/certificate recipients are discouraged from bringing purses or other valuables with them to the ceremony. You will have to carry these items at all times. Another option would be to leave you valuables with your guests.


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