A Fabricated Mexican Graphic

This is my first novel. It is semi-autobiographical, and the primary theme is about growing up in two cultures: the    Mexican culture in the home, and the American culture outside of the home. The book also deals with themes and concepts related to family, education, and language. The novel is and has been used in various universities and community colleges. It was used in a literature course at Texas Tech University, “Pursuing the American Dream,” and Merced College has used it regularly in various English courses.
 Stars Always Shine Graphic

Stars Always Shine is my second novel, and the setting, which is intended to function as a non-speaking "character," is Sonoma County, California. It is a story about ranch life, assumptions we make about culture, things we think we know about others, and dealing with the various social, political, and spiritual influences that shape our lives. Animals are an important element in the book, and alternating chapters focus on some of the animals found on farms and ranches, showing

their innate wisdom and intelligence.

Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul

My short story, “Long i, Silent e” is published in this Chicken Soup edition, which made the New York Times bestsellers list. It is a story about language, about how some of us learn it, and how some of us try to teach it to reluctant students. In this story, the reluctant student is my mother, and I am the flummoxed teacher.


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