COVID-19 Test Kits

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Effective Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 testing for COVID-19 to access Columbia College campus is now optional. Email communications have been sent to all students and employees.

The YCCD Board of Trustees decision is outlined on the COVID-19 Testing Options Webpage.


As of 2/23/2022, the home antigen test kits were widely distributed to on-campus students in their classrooms & employees via the mail room. Initial testing was implemented. Testing requirements have now been revised to optional (as of 3/3/22). Additional at-home testing kits can still be picked up, as needed, at the Information Desk in the lobby/rotunda of the Manzanita building or the Health Services Office in Pinyon building. These college-provided, free-of-charge, at-home testing kits can be used when you are exposed or symptomatic. Complete your Notification Form if you test positive. Please continue to follow all guidance given if you test positive. Do not come to campus if you test positive for COVID-19. Mask requirements in all buildings is still in effect. 

Steps for testing using the BD Veritor At-Home Antigen COVID-19 test kit:

  1. Be ready to have a full 30 minutes to complete this process; DO NOT open the package kit until instructed to do so by the Scanwell app/video; do not leave your phone after starting the testing process. Follow the additional tips given to you in the printed instructions provided with the test kit. 
  2. Download the Scanwell® Health app using the QR code provided inside the box of the at-home BD Veritor COVID-19 test kit..

    (If needed, search “Scanwell” to add the free App to your smart phone)

  3. Take the test as shown per the video and instructions found inside the box of the at-home BD Veritor COVID-19 test kit.

Use the BD Veritor at Home COVID-19 Test Guide for detailed information and video tutorials.

4.  At the end of the test, click on Share Result and enter the following information to share
a copy of your test result to the YCCD Health Services Dashboard.

  • Organization ID = “YosemiteCCD”
  • Individual ID = your seven-digit student ID number (without the w) “0001234”
  • Then STOP! You are DONE! Do not take the second test as the app instructs. 

Alternative to using the Scanwell® Health testing app

No cell phone to download the Scanwell® Health app? Are you under 18 years old and unable to use the app?

See the Testing Requirement Webpage for additional testing options. 

Have you tested elsewhere and want to share your results?

Contact the Columbia College Health Services office if needed at 209-588-5283 to arrange paper verification of your test results. 


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