I'm really undecided about a major. How should I choose?

You may be "less undecided" than you think! Often, students know of many majors they are NOT interested in, so you may have narrowed the field considerably without even realizing it. Choosing a major has a lot to do with topics that interest you, important values you have, skills you possess or would like to have, and even your personality style. So, getting to know yourself is a great first step. There are a variety of ways counselors can help you:

  • Personality and interest assessments
  • Exploration activities
  • Websites to research possibilities
  • Guidance courses

Knowing what majors are available is also a way to brainstorm areas you might find interesting. Explore the 'Programs of Study' or academics websites at Columbia, CSU Stanislaus, or any college. Look at each major and rate each a yes, a maybe, or a no. You may have a lot of maybe's at first; but once you begin reading about them, they'll migrate higher or lower on your list.

Another approach is to search careers first, then think about majors second. Take one of our career courses like Guidance 1 -Career Life Planning or Guidance 11 -Occupational Exploration, or visit the Career Center to find out how to begin your career search.

What is a major or Program of Study? Do I have to declare one?

A major is an organized Program of Study leading to an Associate Degree, Career Technical Education Certificate, or transfer to a college or university. You must declare a Program of Study, even if it is 'undecided.'  Normally, when you apply for admissions, there is a space for you to declare a major. You must have a declared Program of Study to be eligible for financial aid, as well. If you haven't declared a major, or if you have declared one and would like to change it, you must meet with a counselor for assistance. 

I have decided on a major (or I want to change it). How do I update it?

To update your major or Program of Study, connect with a Columbia College Counselor. We will build your new degree plan and get your new goal updated in our system.

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