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Program Overview

There is no life without water. Humanity's increasing demands on natural water resources impact not only our health and growth, but also all other forms of life we share this planet with. With many resources already being utilized at or above sustainable levels, careful water management is a critical skill we must master – learn how with Water Resources Management.

The necessity to effectively manage our water resources has spawned an increasingly large amount of career opportunities, and the Water Resources Management program will set you on the path to enriching this growing field.

Career Training

The Water Resources Management program at Columbia College is a perfect stepping stone on the way to a successful career in water treatment, water distribution, wastewater management, groundwater management, and much more. The college will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to advance in the arena of Water Resources Management. And with the surrounding region providing abundant locales for great field study (Hetch Hetchy system, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers, New Melones and Lyons reservoirs, Pinecrest and Don Pedro lakes, etc.), there are tremendous opportunities for unique job-related experience for a variety of careers in the field.

Student Networking

Given our location in the heart of the Mother Lode, many of the waterworks used by the miners over 150 years ago to wash placer gold and ferry supplies downstream still remain today and in-use on campus. The College also offers courses at the High Sierra Institute at Baker Station, located at 6,200 feet near Sonora Pass. Study at the station allows for extended field study of important upper-watershed components such as the Sierra snowpack, headwater springs and streams, alpine lakes and reservoirs, and mountain meadows, all of which provide memorable and enriching experiences with your fellow program students.

Degrees Offered

See the current college catalog (available on campus or online) for course information on the following degrees:

Associate in Science (AS)
Water Resources Management

Certificate of Achievement (COA)
Water Resources Management

Skills Attainment Certificate
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

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