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Program Overview

Located on 280 pristine acres of oak woodland, mixed conifer forest, and chaparral, Columbia College is the perfect setting to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for a career in the field of Forestry & Natural Resources. Coupled with the High Sierra Institute at Baker Station near the crest of the Sonora Pass, Columbia offers numerous learning opportunities and varied career options.

Get outdoors! A wide variety of exciting career opportunities await students who complete the Forestry & Natural Resources program, in both the public and private sector.

Career Training

The Forestry & Natural Resources department is equipped with an assortment of leading-edge technology and equipment essential for developing wildlife, watershed, forestry, forest surveying, mapping and other necessary skills. This equipment, along with Columbia's close proximity to off-campus study sites such as Yosemite National Park, the Stanislaus National Forest, Calaveras Big Trees State Park and much more, ensure that students are well-prepared to transfer their studies to a four-year university or enter into a career right away.

Student Networking

Not only will students in the Forestry & Natural Resources Program gain valuable experience investigating the nearby San Diego Reservoir, wetland, limestone-marble rock formations, and the astronomical observatory with fellow learners, there is also a high level of cooperation between the program and our Geographic Information Systems and Water Resources Management programs. This interdisciplinary interaction strengthens all participating departments, and improves the future employment potential for all students.

Degrees Offered

See the current college catalog (available on campus or online) for course information on the following degrees:

Associate in Science (AS)
Natural Resources

Certificate of Achievement (COA)
Natural Resources

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