Child Development Instructional Program Child Development Instructional Program

"Every child needs at least one person who is irrationally crazy about [them]."
- Urie Bronfenbrenner

If the words of Dr. Bronfenbrenner inspire you to make a positive impact in the lives of children and their families, then the Child Development Program at Columbia College may be right for you.

Program Overview

Students who choose the Child Development Program will benefit from our highly-motivated, engaging teaching faculty, the wide array of courses offered each semester, and access to our state-of-the-art care facility and classrooms. We invite you to explore the program and look forward to meeting you. For more information call (209) 588-5275.


Career Training

For students wishing to enter Child Development and related fields, the Child Development Instructional Program offers courses that align with the hands-on experiences of an early childhood educator while meeting the requirements for employment and/or transfer to a CSU. Explore the certificates and degrees we offer on the program and advising guides webpage. Our program was awarded  CAP (Curriculum Alignment Project)  certification, ensuring transfer of inter-community college coursework in child development.

If you plan to work in a state or federally funded program (state preschool or Head Start) you'll need to apply for a Child Development Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The Child Development Training Consortium and the Child Development and Future Educators' Club can assist with the costs associated with a Child Development Permit. Please contact us at (209) 588-2138 for more information.

Student Networking

Students in the program work alongside mentor teachers to gain the experience they need to become skilled early childhood educators and often collaborate to facilitate outreach events around our campus and our community. In the Child Development & Family Care Services Facility you'll find a healthy backdrop to learn and discover with the young children, their families, and your fellow students.

Degrees Offered

Our program offers a variety of degree and certificate pathways to meet your professional and educational goals. Details on the requirements for our certificates and degrees can be found in the Columbia College Course Catalog.

  • Associate of Science Transfer (AS-T) Degree: Early Childhood Education
  • Associate of Science (AS) Degree: Child Development
  • Certificate of Achievement: Associate Infant/Toddler Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Achievement: Associate Child Development Teacher/Future Educators

Whether you're a new student or a seasoned teacher, our classes can help you achieve your goals of higher education, stay up-to-date with the latest research, learn best practices, and earn the units you need to be hired or advance at your workplace. 


Child Dev Center


Student Success

 Testimonial from Shauna Ginn, Columbia Graduate: 2010
"The Child Development Professors and the teachers at the center played a big role in my growth in the field. They shared the same passion I did for children and it showed in the classroom. Working at the center, I was able to leave the classroom and put what I had learned into action. The opportunity I had in the Child Development Program at Columbia College is one that I will forever be grateful for.”

Like many students, Shauna went on to earn a BA in Child Development with an emphasis in Child and Family Services from CSU Stanislaus.


Gainful Employment Disclosure

This program does not meet the requirements for Gainful Employment disclosure. For more information on career options, please make an appointment to see a counselor by calling (209) 588-5109. For gainful employment information for all CTE programs, click here.

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